The Blades Club
Club Sessions (electric fencing)

Electric Fencing
These club sessions are designed for the experienced fencers who have already been fencing electric fencing and they have their full electric fencing kit.

We may have some kit to borrow / hire but you need to organise this in advanced with club secretary:

If you are joining us for the first time always let club secretary know so that she can be there to introduce you to the session and to the club fencers. We reccommend that you pay per session for few weeks to settle in and then speak to our club secretary about membership options.

At the club we have fencers of various levels: those who are new to electric fencing, club level, competition level all the way to Olympians. Each session will be divided in groups according to competence on the piste and you will fence in your own group with similar standard fencers.

The Blades club has an advanced training programme. Whenever you feel like competing or developing further you can speak to the Team Manager who will be able to guide you through the many programmes that we have. These include, competitions, specialised courses, min-camps, full camps, private lessons and mentored training sessions.

Booking 2017
Time / Day:

Thursdays (19:00-21:00)
Saturdasy (14:00-16:00)

Solomon Academy, Penfold Street, NW1 6RX. << MAP >>
(tube: Edgware Road & Marylebone Station).
>> Kit
All kit included
All you need to bring with you is usual gymwear
Trainers, lose clothing (t-shirt & tracksuitbottom)
£25 per session (pay at the door)
1) You can buy tickets at the door or in advance. 1 ticket for 1 session.
2) The more tickets you buy the more discount you get.
2) Tickets are not refundable but are transferable
3) Tickets are valid for a full one year from date of purchase
You can become a member and pay discounted rates. One of the popular options is (Zorro Basic) £95 per term (4 months). Member fees options are only available at club sessions. Speak to Club Secretary at the session for available options for your level.
>> Booking Line
07779 123 715
Make sure you read terms and conditions for cancellation or refund
>> Extra info

Once you have booked, just turn up in good time to get changed. Bring a bottle of water with you. Avoid a full meal two hours before your session time. When you arrive at reception ask for the fencing club and the receptionist will direct you.

Now go and enjoy your first fencing experience.

The Blades Club is "The Fencing Academy" 's premier club for adult fencers
For more information on children fencing (age 6-12) check the Musketeers Club
For more information on teen fencing (age 13-19) check the Cadets Club