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Club Open Day
Trial Session
If you have attended a trial session with us before and want to add your comments please email the Club Secretary on:

“Yes it was a nice experience! I enjoyed trying out fencing for the first time ever and I found all of the people I met on the day very easy-going and friendly. My only problem is that if I do continue fencing it will mean getting rid of my glasses and switching to contact lenses which I have always been a bit wary of for some reason. Other than that and in spite of my work and study commitments I would probably commit myself to a one-weekly class or something. But maybe I will think about it for a little longer and might come back to you after the summer. Many thanks for this opportunity.”
(Fabio, July 2008)

“I really enjoyed the free trial and have booked onto the Monday evening beginner's course from August. I did not know what to expect and the humour and respect that the fencers showed each other and us newbies was very welcome.  I also did not expect to get a chance at a bout and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I tapped into a competitive part of myself that I didn't know I had! It's physical but has grace and old-worlde courteousness - which appeals to me.  And the fact that it is a skilled sport where brawn does not necessarily automatically guarantee success is also a plus point ... A great way to get fit I'd say!

Thank you for hosting the free trial day and for being so informative and encouraging!”
(Jenny, July 2008)

“It was really good meeting you and some of the rest of the fencing club on Saturday.  You were right about it being fun, I'm not sure I've had as good a time as that in a long while!”
(Aaliyah, July 2008)

“I had a very good time yesterday and enjoyed the session a lot. It was very exhilarating - I think it is a good thing that people new to the sport can give it a try. I enjoyed meeting and talking to the club members, too.” 
(Tania, February 2008)

“Expect the, focused and fun...better than any workout at the gym...if you want to pop along with or without a friend you won’t be disappointed.  It’s challenging and a great opportunity not only to watch fencing in action but also to spend around an hour having a go...try it - you have everything to’s totally exhilarating mentally and physically!”

The free session runs from 2.30pm until 4.30pm? (be good to give length of session)
(Karen, February 2008)

“I loved Saturday afternoon, it was good to get an idea of the history etc as well as the practical part and everyone was really friendly. I definitely want to take up fencing and try the beginners course.”
(Carly, February 2008)

“I had a nice time last Saturday. I think fencing is fun. It was nice surprise that we could fight a bit at the end of session. People from the club were friendly and helpful. It was good idea that we could see the competition before session. It gave some idea what this sport is about. It is true it was more fun than expected.”
(Sylwia, february 2008)

“I was thoroughly impressed. Firstly I think it is such a good idea to have an introductory afternoon, I have not come across this anywhere else, but naturally people would want to get an idea of whether a sport suits them or not before making a commitment to paying for instruction and this one was very cleverly put together, Secondly the man who explained everything [Maestro Aladdin] was very succinct and witty so naturally held everyone’s attention straight away and got his points over very clearly. I had assumed we would get to have a go with the masks and foils but never imagined we would go into it in so much detail and end up duelling with each other when minutes before none of us had even held a foil before. I was also surprised how much energy it takes to keep up the footwork and can see that this must be very good exercise for the legs in particular whilst at the same time requiring tactical thinking and quick reactions.”
(Rupert, February 2008)
Absolute Beginner Course (intensive)
If you have attended one of our courses and would like to tell others what to expect, email us:
"A basic level of fitness, flexibility and coordination will help "
Score: 8/10
(Martin Brock, April 2010)
"Fencing is fun "
Score: 7.5/10
(Paola Binns, March 2010)
"I highly recommend the beginners course to anyone interested in taking up fencing. The course contains an excellent mix of training, with the emphasis on fitness and footwork. It was physically demanding but still enjoyable and everyone at the club was very welcoming."
Score: 9/10
(Sam Alexandroni, February 2010)
"Great sport for fitness, challenge and concentration"
Score: 8/10
(Rachel Samren, February 2010)

"It is worth doing."
Score: 8/10
(Tim Storey, February 2010)

"Very exciting!"
Score: 8/10
(Gola Morawej, February 2010)

"… brings a point to life"
Score: 7/10
(Liz Phillips, November 2009)

"Expect it to be really very hard work but a lot of fun and take lots of water"
Score: 7/10
(Jane Geis, November 2009)

"give it a go. It's harder than it looks!"
Score: 9/10
(Barry Clifton, September 2009)

"definitely go for it!"
Score: 7/10
(Zahiri Vahid, September 2009)

"It was a fun course, a great workout and something a bit different. "
Score: 8/10
(Sam Phelps, September 2009)

"Its more physically and technically demanding that what it  looks like, it’s nice a sport, not just a “game”."
Score: 6.5/10
(Rodrigo Crespo Mencia, September 2009)

"Tremendous fun, much more physical than it looks"
Score: 7/10
(Laura Doughty, July 2009)

"Interesting...but think it is a bit early to say how much I enjoy it.  Think it will require more time and effort to become skilled enough to have fun."
Score: 7/10
(Marla Shapiro, July 2009)

"fencing isn't all about blade work."
Score: 8/10
(Damien Dunn, July 2009)

" Its harder than you thought but a good challenge."
Score: 8/10
(Simon Patterson, July 2009)

" You need to be fit, its really hard work, but the sense of achievement is amazing. everyone is so friendly and helpful, you really feel you are a part of something, and you will want to go on and do more."
Score: 10/10
(Justine Belcher, July 2009)

"Not for the faint hearted."
Score: 6/10
(Melissa Brittain, July 2009)

"I used to turn up feeling fairly "bleah" and leave feeling energised, fired up and having had a holiday from the rest of my life. I'm recommending it - and particularly the friendly and helpful tuition - to friends"
Score: 10/10
(Leonie Tame, July 2009)

"The Intensive course is really hard going, especially after about 3 hours. I was so close to giving up. I would recommend the Weekend or the 4 weeks one."
Score: 7/10
(Victoria Liu, June 2009)

"what a great experience -- athletic, social, and fun."
Score: 8/10
(Jennifer Schanbacher, September 2008)

"It is physically taxing but fun"
Score: 8/10
(Amanda Lower, September 2008)

"Definitely do the trial day first, as it gives you a real taster of what the course is like, and if you like it, start as soon as you can. I've already been recommending it to everyone I know :o)"
Score: 8/10
(Aaliyah Khan, September 2008)

"Good introduction to fencing, gives a general overall feel for what it is all about, a well rounded taster"
Score: 8/10
(Hettie Chan, June 2008)

"The course was very thorough and well taught, thank you to the instruction team."
Score: 8/10
(Robert McKellar, February 2008)

"I enjoyed the course and would like to join the next course."
(Clinton Palanca, February 2008)

"Clear instructions and fun. I would recommend it to everyone."
Score: 10/10
(Duong Vu, February 2008)

"I will definitely be joining the next course. Anyone thinking of it, go for it!"
Score: 10/10
(Rachelle Berman, February 2008)
"Gaining a basic understanding of the sport. If you are thinking about it, Do it!"
Score: 6/10
(Karen Everett, January 2008)

"What really worked for me at the course is the all participation and teaching of warm up routines."
(Nikki Liborius, January 2008)

Master Beginner /
Refresher Course
If you have attended one of our courses and would like to tell others what to expect, email us:
"I would say the above (great sport and superb teaching). I would also say that, like golf, it will require a lot of effort before you can start to have fun. Also great for the muscles in your legs."
Score: 8/10
(Stefano Nicolai, August 2009)
"Get some physical circuit training in prior to starting the course.Only do the intensive course if you are fairly fit... More importantly...enjoy it "
Score: 8/10
(Ian Houghton, August 2009)
"do it, its fantastic "
Score: 9/10
(Justine Belcher, August 2009)
"I liked the mixture of serious teaching and a little bit of laughter... but if you are thinking of starting Be ready for pain and hard work"
Score: 9/10
(Megan Jackson , November 2008)

"instructor and demonstrations were good...
Score: 9/10
(Alexander Harriss, November 2008)

" its fun and hard work but very enjoyable"
Score: 7/10
(Serita Suman, November 2008)

" I started fencing at another club, but this was much better. Aladdin was much more approachable and enthusiastic. The course is better organised, and its made really clear how progression through the club will work. The pace was good. Everything was explained thoroughly. I would definitely reccomend it"
Score: 9/10
(Marc Mason , February 2008)

"The little 'quiz' we had after every new material really helped remembering the new thing. its fun and exciting, i would recommend it."
Score: 9/10
(Duong Vu, February 2008)

"I started fencing elsewhere, but this course was better. The structure of the training makes all the difference. And the workbook makes me go back over points that would normally be forgotten after a typical lesson. The day covers not just the basics but explains the whys of why they're important and necessary to get right.
Score: 8/10
(Robert Streeter, February 2008)
" The good mix of theory and practice. Tough day, but enjoyable overall. The course was just right, there is nothing that I would want to change.
Score: 8/10

(Nicol Perari, February 2008)
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